Family relationships

Here is a list of family relationships that you can find in French records.

“Frère utérin” / “Sœur utérine”: half-brother or half-sister with the same mother but not the same father.

“Frère consanguin” / “Sœur consanguine”: half-brother or half-sister with the same father but not the same mother.

“Frère germain” / “Sœur germaine”: brother or sister with the same mother and the same father.

“Cousin germain”: first cousin.

“Cousin issu de germain” / “Cousin remué de germain”: second cousin.

“Beau-père”: stepfather or father in law.

“Beau-frère” / “Belle-sœur”: brother in law or sister in law.

“Bel-oncle”: uncle in law (the uncle of one’s spouse or the husband of one’s aunt).

“Aïeul(e)” / “Ayeul(e)”: grand-father or grand-mother.

“Gendre”: son in law.


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  1. Hello. I am trying to find out more family members of the Mathiot family. I want to back as far as I can go. Right now I’m only at Marcus Mathiot in the 1700’s. Where do I go to research more. I do love this site. Thank you

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